Young Professional Edition


What if I've forgotten my username and password?
Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. You can click on “Forgot password” from the log in screen to have your password sent to the email address you have on file.

How do I change my username and/or password?
First, log in to the site using your current username and password. Click on “Edit Profile” in the upper right corner of the page. Once you are in your profile, you will be able to change your contact information, email address, username, and password. Click "Done" when finished - all changes will be saved immediately.

If I signed up last year, will I be able to access last year's address book?
As long as you sign up for the new year's event with the same user name and password as last year, your contacts will carry over in to this year’s participant center.

How do I change my personal fundraising goal?
Log in to the site using your username and password. Once in your participant center, click the “Change Link” under your current fundraising goal. Enter your new goal in the box and click submit.

How can I see who has donated to me?
Log in to the site using your username and password. You can view your donor list and the amounts donated to you under Manage My Donations or click on the progress tab and you can view a list of your personal donations.

How do I receive a receipt for my online donation?
You will receive an email confirmation after completing your donation with a PDF gift form attached. This email is your official gift receipt, and you may print it and save it for your records.

How do I donate by mail?
If you would like to make a donation to a specific Sleep Out participant, you may print a donation form by clicking on the printable donation form link on the participant's personal fundraising page. Complete the form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

The Participant Center is difficult to view on my mobile device. Can you help?
Yes, download our free app today to get all of the benefits of the Participant Center right in the palm of your hand! Click here for details.