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  • Homeless kids face tough choices to stay alive.

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  • Sleep Out is a movement.

    End the loneliness and isolation of homeless young people. Share their journey for one night, and join with us to be love in their world. Join Us

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In any major American city, walk outside and you will find a homeless young person struggling to survive. You might not recognize him as homeless, that teenage boy with the torn jeans and too-large hoodie listening to music in the park with his friends, or that young girl with a broken-wheeled stroller and dark circles under her eyes. Homeless youth blend into the crowd, spending precious energy to go unnoticed.

This November, business leaders across North America will gather at Covenant Houses in the United States and Canada. They will notice these young people, hear their stories, and bear witness both to their struggles and to their steps forward into brave new lives. Then, in a statement of solidarity and open-hearted generosity, these men and women will take to the streets with cardboard and sleeping bags while the kids who live at Covenant House will go to sleep in safe, warm beds.

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You, too, can be a part of this international movement to help kids off the street. Commit to fundraise. Reserve a sleeping bag. Let your life be touched by a young person who has much to share. Join us in 2014.

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