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  • Homeless kids face tough choices to stay alive.

    Their choice to stay at Covenant House can make all the difference. So can your choice to Sleep Out. Impact
  • Sleep Out is a movement.

    End the loneliness and isolation of homeless young people. Share their journey for one night, and join with us to be love in their world. Join Us

What’s the problem?

For homeless young people children, teenagers, and young adults basic needs like a hearty meal, a warm bed, and safe shelter are true luxuries, and the thought of anyone caring about them is barely conceivable.

Covenant House serves these kids every year, in dozens of cities across six countries, but every day brings another knock on our door another tired, cold, frightened child looking for safety and comfort, looking for a chance for something better than the hard, lonely streets.

How does Sleep Out help?

Young people are changed by every interaction with someone who genuinely cares for them. We see this come true the first morning after a young person has found a bed in our shelter they stand a little taller, they face the world with more courage, and their dreams become a little more reachable every time they hear, “You can do it,” or “I believe in you.”

The Sleep Out offers every participant the chance to be someone who cares. And the funds raised by Sleep Out participants are put to work immediately, keeping the lights on and the doors open for the next young person brave enough to come inside.

Be a part of the solution

Join the Covenant House Sleep Out Movement, to help kids get off the street, and stay off the street. Reserve a sleeping bag. Commit to fundraise. Change a life by showing you care and let your life be changed by a young person with much to share. Sign up today.

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