Lenox Advisors (CA)
Sleeps Out
So Homeless Youth Don't Have To.

Lenox Advisors (CA) is Making a Difference

Lenox Advisors (CA)

Lenox Advisors - California Makes a Difference for Homeless Kids

Lenox Advisors is driven by the notion of what is best for you; we build custom solutions that integrate the financial needs of high net worth individuals, their families and corporate clients. By building comprehensive plans where all the elements are working in unison, we can help clients achieve what matters most — a strong financial future.

In unison with our corporate mission, we’re committed to positively impact our community through social responsibility. The Lenox Foundation was created to promote and empower our people to dedicate their time, effort, and financial contributions to their community. The Lenox team is proud to participate in the Covenant House Sleep Out to bring awareness and support to homeless youth. We’re sleeping outside for one night, so homeless youth don’t have to.

Through our deep commitment in providing for homeless youth, we are able to help give hope to the more than 57,000 youth that will be served by Covenant House across 27 cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America this year.