Executive Edition : New Orleans

Business Leaders
Sleeping Outside
in New Orleans
So Homeless Youth Don't Have To.

Join Us on November 19, 2015

On November 19th, 2015, business and community leaders in New Orleans will join their peers in 13 cities across North America to Sleep Out on the street in solidarity with nearly one million homeless & at-risk youth across the country. These respected leaders will spend a night on the sidewalk with nothing but a sleeping bag and a cardboard box, raising funds ($425,000) & awareness and showing them they are not alone.“Their small sacrifice sends a clear message to homeless and at-risk kids—that we stand with them in their struggles, celebrate their courage and resiliency, and support their promise and dreams,” said Jim Kelly, Executive Director.Last year, 130 sleepers were able to raise over $365,000 to support our kids. Three-time sleeper and 2015 co-chair Joe Exnicios calls the experience “very rewarding” - and one that he’s eager to repeat each November. “Sometimes you just have to be all in… you can see for yourself exactly how much hope these kids have.”

What's the problem?

Tulane’s Cowen Institute estimates there are 26,000 “opportunity youth” in the New Orleans area - who are neither employed nor enrolled in school. Thousands of them are also homeless, with no safe place to lay their heads at night. Neglected, abused, and exploited - they are all good kids who deserve a chance. Most suffer from severe trauma following years of physical and/or sexual abuse - and exposure to the violence of the streets. Basic needs like a hearty meal, a warm bed, and safe shelter are true luxuries. Covenant House is their safe haven.

How does Sleep Out help?

When you Sleep Out - it means they don’t have to. Young people are changed by every interaction with someone who genuinely cares for them. The Sleep Out offers every participant the chance to be someone who cares. All the funds you raise are put to work immediately - providing food, clothing, shelter, medical & behavioral healthcare, individual & family counseling, job readiness training & placement, educational support, life skills development, short & long-term housing, and more.In the past three years, our average daily census has increased from 45 to 139 kids per night and we’ve recently been averaging about 145 per night. By sleeping out, you will show them they are not alone.

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Sleep Out: Executive Edition 2015 - New Orleans


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