Sleep Out - Executive Edition - Southern California

A little love goes a long way.
A little love goes a long way.

Team LaBonte

Why I'm sleeping out:

Simple - As a mother of two lucky children - I can't stand the thought of a child, without a safe home, sleeping under a freeway overpass or in some horribly abusive environment, that has been left to fend for themself and figure out BIG people problems.  It is NOT okay.

Since 1972, Covenant House has been available to meet the immediate needs of young people, with a hot meal and a safe bed - and to help them further their education, get a job, find permanent housing. In essence, Covenant House helps these kids step into a brighter future.

I'm honored to be a Board Member of this amazing organization, and as a team, we’re going to spend a night in solidarity with these amazing children. We’re going to hear their stories, and learn how they’re making new lives for themselves at Covenant House. 

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About the Cov:

Millions of kids suffer on the streets every day. For over 40 years, Covenant House has sheltered and cared for these young people – now standing as a powerful human rights movement for homeless and trafficked youth in 31 cities across 6 countries.

Homeless in America: There is no single cause for the growing youth homeless crisis. EVERY child’s circumstance is unique and so are the problems they face.

Human Trafficking: Every day, young trafficking victims arrive at the Cov. Desperate and alone, homeless kids are targets for this horrific industry.

Continuum of Care: The Cov doesn’t just save kids – they invest in their futures. Throughout a child’s journey at the Cov, the staff is there to provide the support needed to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Advocacy: More than direct care – the Cov is defending the rights of vulnerable kids at the local, state and federal levels.

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