Sleeping Outside
So Homeless Youth Don't Have To

May 1, 2015

One Night Can Make a Difference

A Mother’s Love Can Change the World

The Sleep Out is a growing movement to show homeless youth that they are not alone. Mothers Edition is a specific call to action for women who have a little extra love in their hearts to share with kids who by no fault of their own have nowhere else to turn. They find hope at Covenant House. By sleeping out, you can help them find hope too. View photos of mothers in action at the inaugural event.

Did You Know?

Nearly 2 million kids in America face homelessness. Last year, over 56,000 youth found hope at Covenant House. To learn more about how we help kids, click here or contact us at

Event News

Covenant House is proud to welcome the brave women who, united in the spirit of motherhood, will commit to spending one night on the streets to support programs for homeless youth in New York, New Jersey and Texas. Pre-register.