Sleep Out - Women Unite - 2017 - Newark

Last year's sleep out
Last year's sleep out

Jersey Shore Cov Love

We are sleeping on the streets of NYC for one night to raise money for Covenant House Asbury Park’s Outreach Team. Covenant House has been in Asbury Park, NJ, for 5 years, working with local organizations, schools, and community members. Over these 5 years, the Outreach team has expanded to cover all of Monmouth County to help Monmouth County homeless youth (18-22 year olds) by bringing them to Covenant House shelters in Newark in Atlantic City.

Youth residing in Covenant House NJ shelters work on self-improvement, such as obtaining their GEDs and working on job readiness. This is their Covenant: to help rely on Covenant House to stabilize their lives, to get counseling and healthcare, to further their skills and education, and, ultimately, to work to support themselves and prevent future homelessness. The main focus in outreach is to identify youth who might be living with friends, or moving between extended family homes, some even living in abandoned buildings or cars.

The Outreach Team is diligently working throughout Asbury Park, Long Branch, Keansburg, and other areas to find the youth, gain their trust, and provide them with the help and resources needed to keep them safe. The van is on the streets showing a presence in neighborhoods, visiting local organizations and food pantries and talking to groups on the streets and anywhere they find people who might have contact with youth in need. Supporting our Sleep Out means gas in the vans, out reach workers on the streets, and help for these youth who have been abandoned after they have aged out of foster homes or rejected because they are LGBTQ or left alone when a parent has died or has his or her own crisis.

Covenant House’s commitment to providing more than “a hot and a cot” means many of these youth leave ready to support themselves as healthier members of society. These are all of our children. Your donation shows they are not alone. 

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