Sleep Out - Women Unite - 2017 - New York

team eunanajen

It will probably be cold. And because it's right next to the Port Authority, it'll be really loud. In any case, it will be seriously uncomfortable. But as with so many partnerships, teamwork and good friends make it easier.

And frankly, one night out is very little compared to the many nights thousands of young people in the US spend without shelter and warmth. 

As a team, Jen, Eunice and Ana will spend a night in solidarity with homeless kids. We’re going to hear their stories, and learn how they’re making new lives for themselves at Covenant House.

And while hundreds of young people are safe in their beds at Covenant House, we will head outside with cardboard boxes to look for an unoccupied piece of pavement.

We’re sleeping outside for one night, so homeless kids don’t have to.

And you can help.

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