Sleep Out - Women Unite - 2017 - Atlanta

The Church at Ponce & Highland

     It's Candace Faggen. Covenant House Georgia, part of Covenant House International, is a wonderful cause that is really important to me. I am really excited about this event. The sleep out is May 11, 2017.

     Last year we were able to meet some of the youth around a table to learn why this program is so important and tour the campus. Later we gathered with the young people and played a few games like dodge ball and some other goofball awesomeness. Having fun and experiencing something together with the kids living there was the biggest perk. We were invited to one of their weekly spoken word and music events.

     Of course, eventually there was the sleeping out. It's a great way to understand why each and every one of us are needed. We Sleep Out so they won't have to. So that kids will have an alternative to the streets. They are not just runaways, and it's not just an adventure.

     I would love for you to help me raise awareness, show and inspire compassion and love, and give kids a chance to pursue their dreams. Sometimes that dream is as simple as a job, food, and shelter. Through crucial fund raising like Sleep Out: Women Unite, Sleep Out: Executive Edition, Sleep Out Young Professionals, and Night of Broadway Stars they are getting support, caring, and real connections with wonderfully motivated people that see them as worthy and deserving. Sometimes for the first time. Please donate to this worthy cause. Every bit counts. You can find out more on the web site or ask me about something I talked about.

     I really hope you will join me. You can form a team with women you know that share, well pretty much anything with you. Or me ;-) 

Thank You So Much,
Candace Faggen
Covenant House Sleep Out Enthusiast


It will be dark. It will be tough. But as with so many partnerships, teamwork makes it easier to do hard work well – and we’re in this together.

As a team, we’re going to spend a night in solidarity with homeless kids. We’re going to hear their stories, and learn how they’re making new lives for themselves at Covenant House. And while hundreds of young people are safe in their beds at Covenant House, we will head outside with cardboard boxes to look for an unoccupied piece of pavement.

We’re sleeping outside for one night, so homeless kids don’t have to. And you can help. Click "Donate Now!" to make a donation in support of our Sleep Out!

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