Sleep Out - Women Unite - 2017 - New York


Time 2 Work!!!

If you have been fortunate enough never to have slept outside then its needless to say you have been blessed. If you have be en in the position where you have slept outside then you will understand more than most why this is necessary. We are facing very trying times today possibly the MOST  trying any of you reading this have experienced in Your lifetimes.  People are uncertain about what the future holds. Some folks dont know if they will keep thier jobs, others dont know if they will keep their housing, some are worried about health-care or eating daily, and some the most vulnerable of our society, our children are wondering where they will sleep tonight. We cannot help everyone that is a given but im incline to believe it is our duty to show our love and suppprt for our children... please join me on april 21st as i will spend my night the way many of our children spend everynight "Outside".


It will be dark. It will be tough. But as with so many partnerships, teamwork makes it easier to do hard work well – and we’re in this together.

As a team, we’re going to spend a night in solidarity with homeless kids. We’re going to hear their stories, and learn how they’re making new lives for themselves at Covenant House. And while hundreds of young people are safe in their beds at Covenant House, we will head outside with cardboard boxes to look for an unoccupied piece of pavement.aww

We’re sleeping outside for one night, so homeless kids don’t have to. And you can help. Click "Donate Now!" to make a donation in support of our Sleep Out!

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