Sleep Out: Young Professional Edition - Houston

Team Nondorf

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Sleeping on concrete is hard. That's a dad joke (and a bad one), but it was our dad who first showed us what Covenant House (CH) was about. Dad's slept on concrete outside a homeless shelter on one night for the past 5 years. Now, he's a nice guy, but the managing partner of a big law firm doesn't just trade his bed of feathers for a sleeping bag for nothing. Dad became a witness. He saw what Covenant House could do for a kid.

When you're between the ages of 18 and 20, the government doesn't offer much help. You're not considered a kid anymore, but you're not yet an adult. So CH fills this gap for young adults who don't have a home. Once a young man or woman walks through the CH doors, they are protected. Imagine eating a hot dog after having nothing for 2 days. Best. Hot dog. Ever. For that night, this young adult can feel safe for maybe the first time in a long time. CH has done this for thousands of youth, and we want it to keep going for many more thousands.

- Nondorf kiddos






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