Sleep Out: Young Professional Edition - Newark


Team AC

We are coming together as a community to not only spread awareness, but to show that AC is a lot more than just casinos and the other negative stuff you might see in the news. We are a community full of individuals that can and will work together to make a difference. By setting the stage and leading by example, we hope to educate and motivate other Young Professionals in this community to join us in not only the endeavor to help homeless youth but the overall goal of stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something different to help another.


We hope that you will join us in our journey & give up one night of sleeping in your warm comfy bed to sleep outside in a cardboard box & sleeping bag in the streets of Newark. If you are not able to join us, please donate and share our page, but don't stop there. Ask us how you can help in other ways. Are you good in math? Maybe you would like to help a homeless youth pass their GED test by spending one hour a week with them. Do you enjoy art or writing? Maybe you can help out during our weekly art class! Do you have a special talent or a lot of knowledge in a topic that could help our youth learn new stuff? Then please join us in this daily fight to provide unconditonal love, absolute respect, consistent support, and guidance to youth that do not have a mom, dad, grandma, aunt, or cousin to call for help....all they have is their Cov Family. Are you ready to join our family yet?!


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