Sleep Out: Young Professional Edition - Philadelphia

Sleep $ Sleepers

As a team, we’re going to spend a night in solidarity with homeless kids. We’re going to hear their stories, and learn how they’re making new lives for themselves at Covenant House. And while hundreds of young people are safe in their beds at Covenant House, we will head outside with cardboard boxes to look for an unoccupied piece of pavement.

We're Sleeping Out and we will match the first $250 donated to my team at!

We accept the challenge to Sleep Out with Covenant House.
In 2015 CHPA served 512 kids but had to turn away 546 more. The numbers are staggering.

We are sleeping outside on March 24th to raise funds so Covenant House Pennsylvania no longer has to say "no" to a homeless or trafficked youth courageously seeking shelter. Every dollar donated helps to buy meals, clothes, educational and job training materal, pay for support staff, outreach staff to find the youth on the street and tell them they have a place to go when no on else has a place for them.

Help us help kids. Click "Donate Now" to make a donation in support of my Sleep Out!

-Sleep Money Sleepers

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