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Sleep Out: Broadway Edition 2014

Broadway Sleeps Out

So homeless youth don’t have to.

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Nearly 7,000 homeless kids will step toward a new life with Covenant House in New York this year. Some were born here. Some were brought to the city against their will. Some came seeking the bright lights and brilliant sounds of the Great White Way. All of them need love, care, and another chance at life.

This summer, Broadway’s own will give up the comforts of their homes once more – a warm meal, a hot shower, a comfortable bed – trading them for an experiential lesson in living as a homeless child. "We sleep on the streets for one night, so that homeless kids don't have to."

“I slept in abandoned buildings.”
This was my bench.”
I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Covenant House kids describe the streets, in retrospect, with strength and resolve. When you are so young and don't know how to take care of yourself, it's impossible not to be afraid. It's more terrifying than any one night in a secured space can ever convey to someone who does not have first-hand experience of that uncertainty.

But at the Sleep Out, we come together to understand.

For one night, Broadway's brightest stars will sit down with the kids who live at Covenant House, and the staff who care for them. We will talk and laugh and cry together, learning from and lifting up one another. At midnight, when the lights go out, the kids will go upstairs to warm beds in a safe house, and adults will take sleeping bags to pavement, demonstrating our willingness to walk in their shoes.

Together, we can be the family and the love they have not known, giving of our hearts and comfort, for theirs.

These young people deserve better than the roles in which they’ve been cast. Open doors to better lives for each of them. Sign up to Sleep Out today.